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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Monday 5-3 Another Trip to the Oral Surgeon


Having fun with friends

We had another gorgeous spring day with the high of 92 and plenty of sunshine. There was a strong wind out of the south. At 10:30 pm a front came in with rain.


It's raining

Larry started the day out by going to town to pick up a package and our mail. While he was out he stopped at Walmart and Dollar Tree for a couple of items. Dollar Tree was out of the cookies we like but he didn't leave empty handed, he picked up some bleach for the septic system. On the way home he stopped by Top Donuts and brought a cinnamon roll for our breakfast, it's big enough for both of us to share.

When he got home he placed an order with Walmart for our weekly grocery items. He scheduled to have them delivered between 3 and 4.


Grocery shopping

I slept in until 8:30. 

Last week the dentist looked at one of Larry's teeth that had cracked, she said there was no fixing it, it would have to come out, he would have to live without it or get another implant. Larry made an appointment with our oral surgeon at 10 today, I went with him.The Oral surgeon looked at it and said he could get him in for an implant at 3:30 today. I really feel for Larry because it seems he can't get rid of teeth problems.


Visiting the oral surgeon

When Larry went to Walmart this morning in Belton they didn't have the spray glue he uses for his paper projects, our grocery order comes from the west Temple Walmart and they also did not have any. On our way home from the oral surgeon he decided to check the other Walmart, they didn't have it either. Then we swung by other Dollar Tree to see if they had the cookies we like, they also didn't have any. When we got home Larry ordered a case online, we will be notified when it comes in. We have ordered items before online and it usually works out great.

We danced one virtual square dance, Joachim Ruehenbeck's A1/A2 at 12:30. He called an hour of each level with five tips a piece. I danced the A1 session by myself and Larry joined me for the A2 session. During the A1 session we had 32 participants and A2 had 37. We had a great afternoon of dancing to Joachim and with friends.

After the dance Larry went back to the oral surgeon, he removed the cracked tooth and installed an implant. Now comes the 4 month wait so a crown can be placed on it.

I did the Daily Challenges and the Event: Two Game Tango Mini of 10 games (5 Free Cell and 5 Klondike). It took me 49 minutes and 16 seconds, which put me in 9th place in my group. I also did a few Solitaire Dark Free Cell games.

We spent the evening relaxing in front of the television. We finished watching the Hemingway series, the third episode was called The Blank Page. The series was very well done. I learned how complex Hemingway was as a person and what a great writer he was. Afterwards we watched the second episode of Crossing the Atlantic. When Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. I ended up doing 26,500 steps, which put me in 3rd place in my group. This is a very good start for the week.


Relaxing in front of the television



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