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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Wednesday 6-12-24 Projects, Pinball, Dancing & Having Fun


View of Lake Belton from back porch

We had a rainy morning. In the afternoon the rain went away, it got to a of 85 degrees. It rained steady and at times hard. We were on flood watch in the area because of the amount of rain we got. The creek at the back of our yard was flowing.

Playing in the rain

While it was raining Jason was watering his new house so Larry went outside to adjust the sprinkler he had replaced. He adjusted it too far so tomorrow he'll adjust it once more.

Afterwards Larry did a couple of projects. Two of the small exciter speakers in the pinball machine had come loose, they are held in via a double sided tape. The purpose of them is to not only put out sound but to vibrate that sound through the cabinet so you can feel the ball hitting the bumpers at the top of the machine. For this to work they must be physically attached to the sides. To do the repair he took the pinball machine into his workroom. Those speakers are in the very back corners of the machine, to get access to them he had to remove the playfield monitor. He was able to reattach them using screws. It didn't take too long and now they work as designed.


Pinball cabinet project


Second he rebuilt a shelf in his workroom where he has been placing two of his jukeboxes. The shelf was warped and wasn't level. Using a piece of square aluminum bar he was able to get the warp out of the board, for the level issue he had to remove all of that stuff from the other shelves so he could remove the shelf support and remount it at the correct height. 

Next was straightening up and organizing a few things (not the shelves).

Shelf in Larry's workroom

While Larry worked on his projects I played games. I did the Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong. The event was Event: Klondike Mini of 5 games. It took me 13 minutes and 23 seconds, which put me in 30th place in my group. Then I played Angry Birds.

I attended two virtual square dances. First was Ett McAtee's Weekly C1 at 1:00 for an hour. Ett called four tips to 20 participants. She worked on four couple moves and worked shopped Linear Action both right/left. I had fun dancing with friends.

Second was Dave Eno's Weekly C1/A2 at 6:00 for an hour and a half. Karin Rabe helped Dave call the dance. This week Greg was in Italy so she called the tips by herself. The format was three tips of C1 to 7 participants and three tips of A2 to 9 participants. Karin danced with another dancer during the C1 tips and two dancers during the A2 tips. In between the A2 tips we did Trivia. I had a super time dancing to Dave and Karin and with friends.

Larry and I both played some pinball, we had a super time playing the games. I played White Water, Medieval Madness, Twister and The Sopranos. I got a new high score in White Water, now I'm in 35th place out of 44 participants. 

Medieval Madness

The Sopranos


White Water

After Ett's dance I worked out with the Synth Riders for an hour. I also worked on my puzzle.


The puzzle so far


After Dave's dance we watched a couple of episodes of Northern Exposure. When Larry went to bed I watched the V episode of Star Wars The Empire  Strikes Back and The Littlest Mermaid Return to the Sea. I ended up doing 18,000 steps, which put me in 4th place in my group.

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