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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wednesday 11-24 New Computer, Dancing & Homemade Noodles

We had a wonderful day. 

Larry started the day out by going to Walmart because I forgot eggs when we last went shopping. On the way home he bought donuts for our breakfast.

I did the Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong and the Event: Free Cell Mini of 10 games. It took me 39 minutes and 27 seconds, which put me in 9th place in my group. I'm excited because I haven't been in the top ten in a long time. 

Larry has been looking for a new computer. Our backup computer that he uses for crafting and experimenting is about 8 years old, it works well but is slow. He is a bit of a computer nerd and had a list of specific things he wanted, if he could not find what he wanted for a price he was willing to pay he would simply continue using the old computer. Black Friday sales are normally a great time to buy computers. On Monday he found exactly what he was looking for in Staples Black Friday online ad, it was discounted 28% putting the price where he was happy. He ordered it yesterday, it wasn't suppose to be in until Monday but it arrived today. I could not believe he didn't start working on it until late in the evening when he was done with his latest paper crafting project.. 

I attended three virtual square dances. First was Di Green and Terry McCann's Weekly Plus at 10:00. They called five tips and worked on push cast 3/4. It's hard when you do this with eight people but harder with phantoms. They did a super job calling and helping when needed. We had 19 participants.

Second was Ett McAtee's Weekly C1 at 1:00. She had 22 participants. It was a review of all calls. She helped when needed. I had a fun time.

Third was Dave Eno and Dave Hutchinson's Weekly C1/A2 at 6:30. They started the dance out by calling two C1 tips with 8 participants. Then they called five tips of A2 with 10 participants. The last A2 tip they called together. The last tip of the dance was a C1 with 7 participants. They called it together. I had a great time.


Get a partner and dance

After Ett's dance I made homemade egg noodles for Thanksgiving. 

After Larry went to bed I started the 7th season of Death In Paradise. I did 27,000 steps, which put me in 2nd place in my group.    

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