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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wednesday 1-3 The Sun !!!

Sunshiny Day

After a week of no sun it finally decided to come out and play. The north wind was blowing which kept it cold but it was a beautiful sunshiny day.

This morning we went over to have coffee and donuts with the J-5 people. Last week we had volunteered to pay for the today's donuts. A gentleman went and picked up the donuts and we reimbursed him. The group was smaller than normal and there were about a dozen donuts left over, they said we could take the rest of the donuts home with us considering we bought them but we said no, however, we did grab one donut for each of us.

We hung around the Minnie for about a half hour and then we went over to Pharr South to square dance A to Darryl Lipscomb. There were eight and a half squares. Karen Tripp did a line dance in between the square dancing tips. We were out one tip but I had forgotten my camera so I didn't take any pictures. Darryl once again made it very challenging. We had a great time at the dance.

When we got home I made lunch and then we went to the club house to shower.    

At 4:00 we went to a DBD Dance called by Bronc Wise. It was a bit boring, there were only five couples. But it gave us something to do and we enjoyed visiting with the dancers that were there. Bronc did a good job of trying to liven things up a little by introducing us to an old time move called Grand Carousel. We've done it before but it's always nice to do something different.

When we got home I heated up soup for dinner. Tonight's J-5 activity was games so I went to check it out. There were nine of us there, we played Pinochle. I didn't know how to play so I watched. The other people explained how the game is played so maybe the next time I'll try playing. It was fun just watching.

It was a beautiful day in Mission Texas.     

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