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Friday, January 5, 2018

Thursday 1-4 A Gorgeous Day

Happiness is a sunny day.

We had a gorgeous day, got into the 60's with lots of sun.

Our morning dance was an A workshop with Joe Saltel at Tropic Star. It was a workshop so there was no donuts. The hall was freezing because it has no heater. Everyone was bundled up and sitting on the side of the hall that was closest to the stage. Larry saw that the sun was coming in the windows on the opposite side of the room so he decided to stand there to get warm. A couple of couples figured out what we were doing so they joined us. We had enough people for three squares and an extra lady. Joe went over motivate, cast a shadow, chain reaction and peel and trail. In between each section we went back over to the windows to warm up. My hands were cold so I put them on the windows and they warmed up nicely. .

The next dance was an A dance at 1:30 with Bronc Wise. We had exactly seven squares so everyone had to dance every tip. We danced with a lot of good dancers which made the dance fun. Bronc did a great job of calling. We like dancing with his wife, Fia, she is full of life and always smiling and laughing. 

By the time I finished the dance I was tired but we stopped by HEB and did a little grocery shopping. Then we stopped by Target to get the items we couldn't get at HEB. We also swung by Dollar Tree to pick up some more Lance's cookies. 

By the time we got home it was time to make dinner. I made chicken enchiladas. Then I baked some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filing to take with me to Bingo tonight.

Every Thursday night at 7:00 J-5 has card bingo. We played 12 games. After 6 games we took a break and we had cookies and coffee. I didn't win tonight but I had a fun time. 


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