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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tuesday 1-2 Dancing and Keeping Warm

Brr!!!! It's cold!!!!

This morning we woke up to mid 30s in Mission, Texas and it never got out of the 30's. Before going to bed Larry went outside and covered the faucet and our water hose that are outside. The weatherman said it wasn't going to get to freezing but he didn't want to take any chances. We have two small electric heaters in the Minnie, it was so cold that they ran all day long.

We had a 10:00 o'clock A dance at Tropic Star with Joe Saltel. When the hall was built in the 80s they didn't put in any heaters. The hall was really cold so very few dancers took off their coats, some even had gloves on. There were 38 couples, which made nine and a half squares. Joe called eight tips plus a hot hash tip at the end of the dance. Karen Tripp cued three line dances. We were out the first tip and I was able to take some pictures. We weren't going to do the hot hash tip but our friends from Marble Falls asked us to join them. Joe has so much enthusiasm. I enjoy dancing with Karen because she is so energetic. We had a super time.   

Joe Saltel calling

Waiting for Joe to call the next move

Friends having fun dancing to Joe
In the evening we braved the weather and went to Darryl Lipscomb's DBD Dance at Pharr South. We had three squares and an extra couple. Darryl played around with a couple of plus moves, Peel the Top and Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears. He put us in positions that we weren't used to being in. He made it challenging and fun. Even though it was cold outside it was warm in the hall considering it had a heater. We had a wonderful night of dancing with friends. 

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