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Friday, January 26, 2018

Thursday 1-25 Doing This and That

Smile and be happy

What a gorgeous day of sunshine!!! The day started out near freezing but the temperature got in the high 50s and no wind.

Last night before going to bed I took a loaf of bread out of the freezer so it could rise. It takes eight hours to rise at room temperature. I sprayed the pan and plastic wrap with non-stick spray and put the loaf in the pan. In the morning Larry checked the loaf out and found that it hadn't risen completely. He figured it was because I had put the glass pan on the granite counter top, which was cold. So he put the pan on a couple of dish towels. By the time I got up the loaf was rising. A couple of hours later it was ready to bake. At the beginning of the baking I confused myself with timers and ended up turning the oven off. When the time was up I didn't realize that I had turned the oven off. The oven was still hot but the bread hadn't finished baking. So I turned the oven back on and within five minutes after the temperature was set the bread was finished. It came out perfect, I was surprised. We munched on bread all day.

Freshly baked bread

After the bread was finished we went grocery shopping, picked up our mail and restarted the service. 

Grocery shopping

In the afternoon I started doing laundry, it took the rest of the day. While doing laundry I worked out for an hour on my Wii Fit and Gold's Gym.

Working out

In the evening we watched YouTube videos, we're almost caught up with them. We watched a movie called Sliding Doors via Amazon. I didn't like the movie, it was weird and I didn't like the ending. We had a wonderful day of catching up doing things around the house. 

Watching television

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