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Monday, January 29, 2018

Sunday 1-28 Busy Day

Busy Day

What a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine and no wind. What should we do today? 

Before doing anything we went for a walk. We walked the Nolan Creek Trail in Belton for about an hour. We started off by walking to Confederate Park, where we saw a new bicycle fix it station. The station had tools, pump and a stand to put your bike on to fix it. This was the first time have seen one and we thought it was cool. We turned around and walked to Mary Hardin-Baylor University. As we walked we saw other people enjoying the beautiful day of sunshine. 

Tools at the bicycle fix it station

Larry checking out the fix it station at Nolan Creek

On the way home from our walk we swung by Mister Car Wash and gave the car a bath.

By the time we got home it was time for lunch. After lunch we started to work on a couple of Minnie projects. On the way to the Rio Grande Valley it rained and everything got filthy so we needed to wash the car dolly. Larry took both the car and truck out of the garage so he could get the dolly out. We washed the grunge off the dolly and dried it off, then we hooked it to the truck and took it back to storage.

The second project was to reverse the doors on the refrigerator. When we installed the new refrigerator the doors opened to the right instead of to the left. I thought opening to the right would be excellent, that way I could open it all the way and the dinette seat wouldn't be in the way, I was wrong, everytime I used it it was a pain. Larry reversed the doors. It took a lot longer than he thought. When we first installed the refrigerator the door did not latch correctly and Larry spent a lot of time getting it work, now that the door was reversed he had to work on it again. Now the doors open to the left and latch correctly. Thank you, Larry.

Larry reversing the refrigerator doors

When we are camping and we stay in one place for awhile we put our tooth brushes and tooth paste on the counter in the bathroom. There isn't much space and Larry wanted to get them off the counter. He bought a small toothbrush holder from Amazon and he installed in the corner of the mirror.

New tooth brush holder

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and Avatar, one of the dvds we have. Then I watched Father Brown. We had a busy day of doing this and that. LIFE IS GOOD!!!    

Watching television

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