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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wednesday 1-24 Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

After a month in the Rio Grande Valley it was time to go home. We had a super time dancing and doing activities at J-Five RV Park.

The people at J-Five are super friendly. This year when we weren't dancing I participated in lots of the night activities. I attended two of their special entertainment events, Bill Chrastil and Ralph Kuster, both of these gentlemen are very talented and have their own style of paying tribute to different artists. I played both card and regular Bingo. A couple days a week I played Pinochle, I should say I attempt to play. A group of people taught me how to play Pinochle. We attended a hamburger dinner and I went to a movie night. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning we attended the donuts and coffee get together. There are many other activities held at the park but they are during the day and we are normally dancing. We had a great time at J-Five RV Park.

During our stay we danced six days a week to four great callers: Joe Saltel, Randy Dougherty, Darryl Lipscomb and Bronc Wise. We also got to dance to Nick Hartley and Butch Danielski. I line danced to Karen Tripp a couple times a week. She is very energetic. We also got reacquainted with people from last year and met new people. We danced with good dancers and had fun doing so.

We left early this morning, before the Wednesday get together at J-Five. Our drive was 377 miles but we had to drive through San Antonio and Austin via I35, which carries a lot of traffic. Last year we hit Austin about 4:30 and it was a nightmare. Today we went through a couple hours earlier so the traffic wasn't bad. We got home a little before 4:00. When we got home we unloaded the Minnie. Larry turned on the water and had Alexa set the thermostat up to take the chill out of the house. By the time we finished unloading the Minnie it was time for dinner. I heated up leftovers.

After dinner Larry had to reprogram the Amazon Echo from the camper for the house and our network. During the evening we watched our YouTube videos. We had a very long day and fun in the Rio Grande Valley but it's good to be home. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! 

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