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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Saturday 1-6 Doing This and That

Having Fun

This morning we arrived at the J-5 Get Together a few minutes after 8:00, there were a lot more people in the club house than normal and there were only three donuts left. As we have been driving in and out of the park we have noticed more spots are being filled. The park seems to be much fuller than last year.

The valley has two popular flea markets, one is Mercadome and the other is Don Wes. Mercadome is the biggest flea market in the valley and is open seven days a week every day of the year. During the week only part of the market is open and on the weekends it is fully open. Don Wes is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Last year Larry bought a belt that he really liked at Don Wes so this morning we decided to stop by. We arrived a little after 9:00, Larry went directly to the vendor that sold him a belt last year, unfortunately he didn't have the same belts he had last year. We found a couple of more vendors selling belts and still didn't find something he wanted. We were ready to give up and go to Mercadome when we came across one more vendor that sold belts, fortunately he found a couple he liked. As we were walking toward the car Larry recognized a couple from the TIPS Club in Waco. We stopped and visited with them.

By time we got back to McAllen it was time for lunch. We hadn't been to Fuddruckers for awhile so we decided to have lunch there. Larry and I split a burger and an order of onion rings. The meal was delicious.

Lunch at Fuddruckers

The last stop was at McAllen Public Library to watch our YouTube videos. We were there almost two hours. 

McAllen Public Library

In the evening we went to a plus dance at Tropic Star with Joe Saltel. Joe's Saturday night dances are an ice cream social, Joe and Chris serves fudgesicles and Klondike bars. There were nine squares and some round dancers. Joe did a great job of calling. We had a super time dancing with both old and new friends.

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