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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday 1-20 Special Square Dance

Spectacular Day

We had a spectacular day in the Rio Grand Valley.

We started the day off by meeting with the J-5 residents at the club house for coffee and donuts where we visited with people and got caught up with what's happening in the park.

Afterwards we went to town. The first stop was at the .99 cent Only store. We drink mostly water and we usually put flavoring in it, we buy it at Walmart or HEB for about $2.50 a bottle but we found some at the .99 cent only store for $.99 a bottle. The next stop was McAllen Public Library to watch some of our YouTube videos. We were there for a couple of hours.

We like to take Life Saver mints with us when we go square dancing. We love the new orange flavored mints but here in the valley we can't find them anywhere.

The last stop was a Credit Union to get more cash. While in the Rio Grand Valley we go through more cash considering we dance a lot and you have to pay in cash. 

Every Saturday night Joe Saltel has an Ice Cream Social Dance at the Tropic Star. This week was a special dance where Nick Hartley was invited to call with Joe. The dance had 18 squares and some round dancers. Ron Woolcock cued the round dancing. Larry and I wore red, white and blue outfits with red flashing hats. We were complimented on our hats and outfits. Nick and Joe called an outstanding dance with a lot of enthusiasm. Ron did a great job with the rounds. Klondike bars and fudge sickles were served during the dance. We had a super time.      

Larry, Nick, me and Joe

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