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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Friday 1-26 A laid back day

A laid back day at the house

We didn't have anything on the agenda today so we hung around the house and relaxed. Normally Thursday is my housework day but I did laundry yesterday and since I had cleaned the house before going to the Rio Grande Valley it didn't need cleaning. I didn't feel like reading so I decided to start a jig saw puzzle. At Christmas I received a few more puzzles and now I have nine puzzles to assemble. One of the puzzles I received was Murder at the Museum, it is a Bits And Pieces Whodunit? 1000 Piece Jigsaw. Usually when I do 1000 piece jigsaw it doesn't take long but I think this one will take awhile considering the pieces are different shapes. You can't really tell which ones are the frames and which ones aren't. This makes it a challenge but I like puzzles that are challenging. After the puzzle is assembled you read the booklet, search for clues and solve the crime. I think this will be fun. I worked out on my Wii Fit and Just Dance for an hour.

Some of the pieces of the puzzle

Murder At The Museum Jigsaw Puzzle

While I was working on the puzzle and working out Larry worked on a couple of projects. When we got home from the Valley he had ordered a couple pairs of no tie shoe laces and replacement suede for his square dancing shoes. He received the order this morning. I have problems keeping my shoe laces tied and Larry's are pretty long, while in the Valley we saw a lady wearing these cool looking shoe laces. Larry talked to her about them and she said she loves them. Larry read reviews about the laces and they were all very positive. They work similar to our wake board bindings. Once you have the laces in the shoes you tighten them to where they are comfortable and then you can slide the shoes on and off without loosening the laces because they stretch. Or if you prefer you can easily loosen and tighten them every time.

New Shoe Laces

When square dancing Larry had problems with his shoes sticking to the floor so he started using dance socks. They slide over your shoes and allow your shoes to slide. If you wear leather soled shoes they will slide so you don't need the dance socks. Over a year ago Larry glued leather on the soles of a couple of pair of shoes and they worked great, now he doesn't have to use the dance socks. After having the leather on the soles for over a year it is wearing through so today he removed the old leather and glue from one pair, he still needs to do the other pair and then put on the new leather.

A family bought an old movie theatre in downtown Belton called The Beltonian Theatre and they show classic movies on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes they also have live events. This evening they had Johnny Memphis in Concert, Larry surprised me by taking me to the concert. The theatre was very nice. It's setup with tables in front of the seats so you can eat dinner on it. Johnny did a good job singing George Strait's songs, he also did a few Elvis songs. The concert was a bit slow with the mellow George Strait songs but the Elvis songs were peppier. I had a good time.

Johnny Memphis


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