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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday 1-13 Ice Cream Social Dance

Have a fun day!!!!

It was another beautiful day, a little cooler with a north breeze, the high was in the 60s.
We started the day by going down to club house for the Saturday get together. Every meeting they introduce new people who have arrived at the park, more people continue to arrive.

We went to the McAllen Library where we spent a couple of hours catching up on the YouTube videos we follow.

In the afternoon I played computer games and walked around the park while Larry read.

In the evening we went to Tropic Star to dance to Joe Saltel. The Saturday dance is an Ice Cream Social, fudgesicles and Klondike bars are served. There were 33 couples and a few round dancers. Ron Woolcock cues the round round dancing. We had a fun time dancing.

Treat yourself to a Klondike bar

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