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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friday 1-5 Fabulous Friday

Smile and have fun

We woke up to overcast skies with temperature in the high 40s, it ended up being a beautiful day and made it to near 70.

I made mini waffles for breakfast and then I did some Sudoku puzzles along with my daily computer challenge puzzles.

Our 10am dance was a DBD plus dance with Randy Dougherty. He is a very talented caller who can get you in a lot strange positions. It was very challenging and fun. When everyone breaks down he will walk you through the moves. We spend a lot of time laughing and having a good time with Randy. We had three squares. We were back dancing with Randy at 1:00 for what he calls Freaky Friday, it is a DBD A dance.

Larry dancing DBD with friends

Friends having fun waiting for the next call

Randy Dougherty calling his DBD Dance

Waiting for the next call

In the evening I went down and played games with a few people from the RV park.  There were six of us so we played six hand Pinochle. It was girls against the boys. We played three games and the boys won all three. This was the first time I had played and it was a lot of fun.

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