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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Monday 1-29 A New Tool and Back to dancing with Brad Caldwell

Keep on smiling

Before we left for The Valley our Logitech remote control that we use for all our entertainment devices started giving us problems, some buttons no longer wanted to work correctly. We have had it for a very long time and I think we wore it out, of course dropping it on the floor about a hundred times probably didn't help it either. It is a programmable remote and whenever we got something like a new TV or Roku Larry had to re-program it. It was a bit of a pain to program but we liked only needing the one remote.

Larry researched new remotes and decided on another Logitech but he ordered a different one that you can use with Alexa. The reviews were all over the place, both good and bad, lots of folks wrote that they gave up trying to get it to work and sent it back. Almost everyone said it took many hours to program. Larry is really good at this kind of thing and figured he could probably get it working. He worked on it all morning and had everything working except for one routine. He finally gave up and called Logitech tech support. He worked with a gentleman for over an hour to fix the problem. The support person was excellent. Larry asked if he could see what he did to solve the problem and the gentleman was thrilled to show him. That way Larry can solve similar problems. The new controller is smaller than the old one and doesn't have as many buttons. Once you get used to it it is very cool, instead of selecting which device you want to control you select what activity you want to do. If you want to watch the television you press the TV button, the TV and soundbar both turn on and you are ready to go, if you want to watch something on the Roku you press a button for that and the TV turns on, then the stereo turns on, then the Roku and you are ready to go. It will even turn on my Wii. After getting everything working Larry enabled it to work with Alexa and now we can ask her to turn everything on and off just like using the remote. She can also change the channels and turn the volume up and down. You can also ask her to turn on things like YouTube, Amazon or Pandora and she will turn everything on and take you there. It is amazing. As most people said it did take hours to setup and Larry will still have to tweak a few things here and there.

Amazon has also improved the Dash Wand, you can now set timers on it and with the new remote it can also control the television. We still are amazed at what you can do with the Alexa devices. 

New Harmony Remote Controller

Old Logictech Remote Controller

Amazon Dash Wand

While Larry worked on this I worked on my jigsaw puzzle. 

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers and to Brad Caldwell. We hadn't been there for over a month and it was great being back dancing with all our local friends. We had a great time.

Square dancing with friends

When we got home I worked out for a half hour and I watched a couple of weekly shows on PBS, Death in Paradise and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. We had a great day.

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