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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Saturday 1-27 Just Another Day

Smile and be happy

We woke up to drizzle and overcast skies. I put some pork in the crock pot with liquid smoke and slow cooked it for four hours to make pulled pork. It was starting to dry out so next time I'll cook it for three and a half hours. Larry finished replacing the leather soles on his dancing shoes. He had to be careful on cutting the leather considering there's barely enough to do a pair of shoes. While he worked on his project I worked on my jigsaw puzzle. 

After the pork finished cooking I shredded it and added barbecue sauce to it. When I finished we went to the Bell County Expo Center. This weekend they have the Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin event where the dogs compete on the agility courses. We like watching the dogs do the courses. One of our square dancing friends, Dawn, was going to be there. While we were there we met up with her and her dog Lucy. They were in the novice group and they weren't up until the end of the day so we missed it. Dawn lives in Virginia so it was nice to see her. Later on in the evening Larry read on Facebook that Dawn and Lucy came in first place in their group. 

We spent the evening around the house. We watched a couple of episodes of GizWiz and a movie off Amazon called The Last Word. The movie starred Amanda Seyfried and Shirley MacLaine. I thought the movie was very slow and was not that good. We had another relaxing day. 

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