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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wednesday 1-17 Winter TIme Blues

Keeping warm

I'm ready for winter to go away. It barely got into the 40's and the normal highs should be in the 70's. On the flip side I'm glad I'm not in other parts of the country where it's in the teens or below. Just thinking about it makes me cold, brrr.

This morning we went down to the club house for coffee and donuts. As we walked by the car we noticed that the windshield was covered in ice and the Minnie's cab door had ice sickles hanging off them. The weather didn't keep people from the get together. The ladies usually play golf on Wednesday but it was cancelled due to weather. 

A couple of days ago Amazon put their new Echo device on sale and Larry couldn't pass it up. It came in yesterday but we weren't around so after the get together we went to the office and picked it up. 

New Echo
After donuts we went to Pharr South to dance A with Darryl Lipscomb and line dance with Karen Tripp. There were 11 squares and one extra couple. A group of friends from Marble Falls had tee shirts made for their A tape group and they wanted me in a picture with them so they gave me a tee shirt. Larry and I are thrilled to death to be accepted as part of their group. Darryl called a super dance. Karen introduced me to a couple of new dances. She did a great job and brings a lot of energy to line dancing. We were glad we were at Pharr South considering the temperature was 31 degrees and their building is heated.

The group from Marble Falls and me

We hung around the Minnie the rest of the day keeping warm. I was going to go to the club house to play games but I wasn't feeling very good so I wimped out. I did some Sudoku and Larry played with the new Echo device. He found out you can ask Alexa to act like a super hero or act like a villain. She will respond with a cute answer. Remember the comic strips when they have Pow!!! Bang!!! she says things like this as she describes some event, really neat. She also gives an evil laugh. She makes you laugh along with her. The Alexa is amazing and we still can't believe everything she can do. We had a great day.

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