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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tuesday 1-16 It's Freezing

It's freezing

The day started out at 51 degrees with a north wind and as the day went on the temperature dropped, by noon it was 39 and by 9:00pm it was 31 degrees. On top of the temperature dropping it started to rain so when the temperature dropped ice formed on the car doors.

In the morning we went to Tropic Star to an A dance with Joe Saltel calling and Karen Tripp cuing line dances. It was cold so in the beginning everyone kept their jackets on considering the dance hall doesn't have a heater. I took off my jacket and danced the whole dance without it, I thought it was comfortable. We have been in the hall when it was colder. By the end of the dance it was starting to get cold in the hall. We had 10 squares for the dance. When Karen did her line dancing there were only a handful of people dancing. During the dance Karen invited Larry and I to attend a clogging event she's putting on at Benson Palm RV Park next Wednesday at 1 to 3. We attended her clogging event last year and enjoyed it so we will probably attend again. We had a super time dancing to Joe and Karen. 

By the time we got home it was cold so we stayed inside all afternoon. We were going to go square dancing with Darryl in the evening at Pharr South but with the rain and temperatures at freezing we decided it would be wiser to stay home. Since it was going to get below freezing Larry disconnected us from the city water and we will use the water from our tank. 

In the evening I walked over to the club house to play Bingo. There were 24 people playing which is an excellent turn out considering the weather. It cost $3.60 and you get three cards. We played 16 games and I won two. The first game I won $3.25 and the two players on each side of me won $1.00. The second one was the black out Bingo, where I won $8.00. Another lady won three games. It was very comfortable in the hall. Everyone had a fun time. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!


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