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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Friday 1-19 Awesome Friday

We had an awesome Friday. We spent the day dancing with Randy Dougherty. 

Before going dancing I woke up early to bake cinnamon rolls to take with us. It took me longer today considering there was more preparation. I had to make the dough and roll the dough out. Then I sprinkled the cinnamon on top of the dough and rolled the dough into a log. Next I cut the log into 12 pieces and then baked the rolls. After they finished baking I spread the icing over each roll. I baked two dozen cinnamon rolls.

The first dance at 10:00 was a DBD Plus Dance. At the beginning of the dance we were short one couple to make three squares. Randy called a couple that was there last week to come in to make the third square. Randy once again did a super job of calling. He walked us through a few calls that everyone was having problems with. We had a super time. The cinnamon rolls were a hit.
We had an hour to kill before the Freaky Friday Dance at 1:00 so we went to Taco Bell and had lunch.

The Freaky Friday Dance is an A DBD Dance. We had 31 couples, which made seven squares and three extra couples. the squares we danced in were great. The dance was challenging and awesome.

In the evening I went down to the club house and played cards. There were six of us. We ended up playing past 9:00 so Larry came down to see if everything was ok. I had another great time with the group.

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