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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Friday 10-16 Wildlife in the Backyard

It didn't get as cool overnight as the weatherman predicted but it was still nice. There was a breeze out of the north all day which kept the temperature in in the low 70's. 

The wildlife really enjoy this cool weather. I've been putting a bowl of bird feed under an oak tree for the squirrels and raccoons. This helps keep the squirrels and raccoons out of the birdfeeder, it only works if I keep the food in the bowl. Today, we saw a squirrel, a fox, deer and raccoon eating the food. I put food in the bowl three different times and each time a different critter would come. The fox only ate the nuts and left the sunflower seeds but the rest of the animals ate all of the food. We have bought the birdseed three different times and each time it was different. The one we bought a couple of days ago, which was called Song Birds Feed the sunflower seeds are larger and the nuts were larger.


New food

 We enjoy virtual square dancing but at times it can be frustrating because you breakdown. Today we started dancing to Don Moger's weekly C1 dance. A lot of the dancers kept breaking down but he continued calling without cueing until he finished the sequence. After not being able to get through a sequence we decided to leave. We weren't having fun and we're very frustrated. 

Later we attended Di Green Weekly C1 Workshop, her workshops and dances aren't stressful. Di had 39 participants. She walked us through 4 couples moves and 2 couples moves. She cued through out the workshop and did an excellent job. We had a super time.

During the day Larry worked on the Cameo.

I did my Solitaire games. I did the Daily Challenges of 5 games and the Event: Free Cell Mini of 10 games. It took me 1 hour, 1 minute and 51 seconds, which put me in 23rd place in my group. Today was Free Cell Friday, where every Free Cell game you completed you double your points. I also did 8 Star Club Free Cell games. 

In the evening we watched two episodes of The Yorkshire Vet. I finished watching the first season of Janet King on Acorn. I ended up doing 23,500 steps, which put me in third place in my group with 127,562 steps.





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