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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Wednesday 2-19 Long Day

Larry and I haven't been back to Tucson in about five years. Tomorrow is Larry's mothers birthday so we decided to surprise her. We invited Louise to come along to Tucson. 

Yesterday, afternoon Louise and Alice showed up to spend the night so we could leave early in the morning. When Louise showed up Larry replaced the air filter and cabin filter in her car. It didn't take him long. For dinner I made bacon sandwiches with the European center cut bacon, along with that we had a can of Mexican style vegetable blend and beans made by Del Monte. After dinner we visited for a few hours before calling it a night.

Louise's car

We got up at 5:00 this morning and were on the road by 5:40. Tucson is over 900 miles from our house. We drove Highway 190 west all the way to I10. Highway 190 was mostly a two lane highway that went through a lot of small towns, by farmfields and ranches. It also went through Brady's downtown and we saw Brady's gorgeous courthouse. At one part they were working on a bridge and it only had one lane so they put a temporary traffic light at the bridge to control traffic. We had to wait but it was only a few minutes. Along the way the time zoned changed to Mountain Time so we gained an hour. As we we drove we saw a couple of bad accidents. One was an 18-Wheeler, the cab was gone and had been on fire. The other one an RV trailer was completely destroyed and was on top of a truck. It looked horrible. We hoped that no one was killed in either one of the accidents. The interstate was backed up going east for miles. We were glad we were going west. We stopped a few times; two times to fill up the car and two times to go to the restroom and to eat. Larry drove all the way, which was 16 hours. I dozed off a few times. Today we got to see a New Mexico/Arizona sunset. The reason I call the sunset a New Mexico/Texas sunset was because when we were watching the sunset we crossed over the Arizona state line. We had a great day. 

The courthouse in Brady

The one-lane traffic light

Watching a truck come through the one lane bridge

The New Mexico/Texas sunset

While driving down the road Louise and I played computer games. We did our Event: Klondike Adventure with 20 games. It took us longer than normal to solve the games because the internet would go away but we had fun doing the challenge.

Once we checked in the motel I did 12,000 steps. I missed my goal, which was 15,300. 


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