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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Monday 2-10 Sundancers 23rd Anniversary

Damp day

We had another rainy day. It sprinkled on and off all day.

We spent the day hanging around the house. I worked on my annual book and read. Larry finished reading a book and started a new one.

In the evening we went to Sun City to attend the Sundancers 23rd Anniversary Dance. This year the Sundancers invited Jet Roberts to come and call with Brad Caldwell. Lucy and Jerry Pate cued the round dancing. We had nine squares and at least another square sitting out during the Grand March. There were ten couples round dancing. The club had a couple of sheet cakes to celebrate their anniversary. One of cakes  was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and the other was white cake with nuts and coconut, it had a white icing. The dance started at 6:00 with pre-rounds and the actual dance started at 6:30 to 9:00. The tips rotated mainstream and plus. There were two rounds in between the tips. I danced one tip with Howard so Larry had a chance to take my picture while I was dancing. The dancers came from Killeen, Austin area, Georgetown and Belton. Jet and Brad did a super job of calling the dance and Lucy and Jerry did a great job cuing the rounds. One of the rounds Barb, Lynn and another lady got up and did a line dance at the same time. We had an outstanding time celebrating the Sundancers 23rd anniversary. 

Larry enjoying the dance

Friends from the Killeen Kickers Club

Bob and Nancy

Friends enjoying each other company in between tips

Friends having fun line dancing doing a round dance tips

Dancing mainstream with friends

Friends having fun dancing to Brad and Jed

A couple of months ago Larry bought me a pair of gloves. The gloves are special because they light up in different modes: 1) the lights flash all the time (green, red and blue), 2) the lights turn on one at a time slowly, 3) one color turns on until you push the switch to go to the next color and 4) no lights at all. I wore them tonight and they were a great hit, the lights were very bright. 

My gloves
When we got home I finished doing my 17,000 steps. Then I watched a few episodes of Bones. I did my daily challenges and a Mini World Tour 7 games.

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