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Monday, February 24, 2020

Saturday 2-22 Say Good-bye

Say Good-bye

It rained on and off all day. The temperature didn't get out of the 60s. 
We spent the day at Shirley's house. It was too nasty to go anywhere. Shirley loves to drink coffee and her coffee maker died so on the way to her house this morning we stopped by Walmart and bought her a new one. She had a lot of K-Cup packs so we bought a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, that uses both K-Cups and ground coffee. We surprised Shirley with another birthday present. Once the Flexbrew was taken out of it's box Larry asked Shirley if she wanted to try it out, what a dumb question to ask a coffee drinker. After making a cup of coffee with ground coffee, Larry asked if Louise wanted a cup of coffee, she also loves coffee. It was easy to use and only took a couple of minutes. Shirley had a great time playing with her new coffee machine.

Shirley's new office chair

Shirley's new coffee maker

For lunch we had the ham hock and beans I made yesterday, it was a hit. After lunch Ray and his girlfriend Mary came by to visit. We visited about an hour, Louise, Mary and Ray decided to walk around a neighborhood park. We decided to stay and visit with Shirley. We left  around 3:00 and went back to the motel to take a nap. We were back for dinner, we had leftovers. Larry and I had a ham sandwich with chips and Louise and Shirley had ham hock and beans. We were all finished with dinner and Larry suggested that Shirley invite Ray and Mary over for dinner. They came down and Ray finished the ham hock and beans while Mary ate some of the lasagna. We all visited for a couple of hours before calling it a night.

One big happy family left to right Ray, Shirley, Larry and Louise

We had a great three days of visiting with family.

We are leaving at 5:00 in morning to head back to Texas. Before leaving Shirley's house Larry loaded some of Louise's bags that way he didn't have to do this in the morning. We have a 16 hour trip to get home and we lose an hour when we get into Texas. Larry wanted to get on the road as early as possible. 

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