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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Tuesday 2-4 Snow Day

Catching snow flakes on your tongue

We woke up with snow coming down steady and at times quite heavy. There was enough snow on the ground to make a snowman and schools started a couple hours late. It was very pretty. 

When I woke up I told Larry I would pass on going snow skiing because my hips were hurting. Larry opened the blinds and saw that it was snowing. We stayed in the motel all day, it was too messy to drive anywhere. The only time we left the room was to go somewhere to eat. For breakfast it was at the breakfast area where we had mini waffles, orange juice and a mini pastry. For lunch we walked over to Denny's and shared The Super Bird with seasoned fries. The service was good and our waiter was excellent. He checked up on us and greeted customers coming in. For dinner we walked to Taco Bell.

Swimming pool closed for the season

Snow on our car in the parking lot

I'm all ready to play in the snow

A snow plow in the morning

While in the room we read. We both finished a book and started a new book. Yesterday I was too sore to do all my steps I only did 7,000 instead of 15,500. After taking the day off of skiing I felt better so I did my steps 18,000. We had a very relaxing day.   

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