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Friday, February 14, 2020

Thursday 2-13 Beautiful Day

We spent the day hanging around the house. It got up to 50 degrees and had a breeze. I spent most of the day doing my daily event: Two Games Tango, which was 10 games of spider and 10 games of free cell Solitaire. Larry read while I was doing this. Then I read for an hour and studied Taminations. It has been two weeks since we had been done any C1 dancing.

In the evening we went to Sun City to dance C1 and A2 with the Sundancers Thursday tape group. We danced 3.5 hours, 1.5 being A2. For C1 dancing we had five couples and rotated in and out of one square. We danced Phantom and Siamese Concepts. We had to stop now and again to walk through some of the moves. During the A2 dancing we had two squares plus three extra people. The dancing went very well. We had a great time dancing with friends.
When we got home we watched an episode of Boston Legal and I watched a few episodes of Bones. I did 17,500 steps. Besides doing the Two Games Tango I did my daily challenges. 

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