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Friday, February 28, 2020

Thursday 2-27 Equinox Oil Change and a Project


We woke up to a brisk morning with the temperature at 28 degrees, it went to 73 degrees.

This morning we went to town to doing our weekly grocery shopping. First stop was HEB, where we did most of the shopping. Next stop was across the street to The UPS Store to pick up our mail. Afterwards we went to Walmart to do some shopping. When we were in Santa Fe the windshield washer fluid froze up on the Equinox so Larry wanted to get a gallon of windshield washer fluid that had freon in it. He normally keeps a gallon on hand, he uses it in the Minnie and the truck. The car has always been taken care of by the dealer. He also picked up some oil and an oil filter for the Minnie. He wants to change the oil before we go on our next camping trip. The last stop was The Dollar Tree to pick up some bleach for our septic system and cookies we like. Then homeward bound we went.

Grocery shopping at HEB

After lunch Larry changed the oil in the Equinox. The Equinox has been under warranty so Larry has continued to have the dealer change the oil but the warranty is about to expire so Larry will now change it himself. He ordered the oil and oil filter online and received it the other day. In order to remove the drain plug for the oil he had to jack the car up which required using his floor jack and for safety a jack stand. It didn't take too long for all the oil to drain out. While the oil was draining he changed the oil filter. The Equinox oil filter is different than the ones on the Minnie, truck and boat. Instead of the filter being a screw on can type of filter this one is a canister filter. He installed the new oil filter and then put the drain plug back in. Then he put in 5 quarts of oil. Afterwards he turned on the car and let it run the oil through the engine to make sure there was no leaks. The last thing he did was clean out the pan that had the old oil.

The oil and oil filter Larry put into the Equinox

Jack and Jack Stand

Draining oil

Installing new oil filter

Putting oil in

The other day I wrote that Larry installed an electrical outlet in the bathroom. Well, today I found out why he really did this. It wasn't to make it easier to vacuum the bathroom, it was because he ordered me a heated toilet seat. It came in today. After changing the oil in the car he installed the heated toilet seat. He removed the old one and then installed the heated seat. In order for the seat to work you have to plug it in an electrical outlet. Most people don't have an electrical outlet in the area where the toilet is so you have to install one. Larry loves doing this stuff, most people have to call a electrician. The heated seat also has has a night light built in. The heater is a push button controller and has three settings, low, medium and high. We put it on high to heat it up but I tried it out a couple of times and decided that low was the perfect setting. Another nice feature of the seat is that you can't slam the seat down, both the seat and lid lower slowly. I am really going to like this seat. I hate it when we travel and stop at a rest area to use the bathroom and I have to sit on a cold seat, especially when it's a stainless steel toilet with no seat at all.  

The new heated toilet seat before it's installed

Larry putting the bolts in to hold the seat on the toilet

Testing out lowering the seat

The heated seat installed


The controller of the heater

In the afternoon I did my daily challenges and The Two Games Tango Event, which was 10 Pyramid games and 10 Tri Peaks games. Then I studied Taminations.

In the late afternoon we went to Sun City to dance C1 and A2 with the Sundancers tape group. For C1 one we had a square and three extra people. For A2 we were one person shy of having two squares. Some of the tapes were complex. We had a super time dancing with friends. We got home around 9:00 and watched an episode of Bramwell. When Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Bones. We had a busy day and a lot of fun. 

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