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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tuesday 2-25 Exciting Day, New Washer

We had a beautiful day. The temperature didn't get out of the mid 60s with a breeze out of the north.

For a number of years Larry has been a member of The Home Depot Seeds Program, this is where each month Larry gets the opportunity to choose products to review for The Home Depot. Some months he chooses nothing, either because we are traveling or there is simply nothing he needs or that interests him. This month they had some appliances and Larry decided on a Whirlpool Washer. They delivered the washer this morning.

Before the washer was delivered Larry disconnected the old washer and moved it to the garage. Then I cleaned the floor where the washer was. I decided because I already had the vacuum out I would vacuum the rest of the house.

When the washer was delivered they also installed it. Once it was installed I did my laundry. The washer is gray and about 1.5 inches shorter than our old washer. The control panel is a touch panel. There is no permanent press button but it does have a wrinkle control button. It also doesn't have a scrub tub like our old one. The machine has a tray for fabric softener, a detergent tray and a fabric brush. The detergent tray is very nice, it is a reservoir that holds 1 liter of detergent, you fill it up and the machine dispenses the correct amount of detergent. The machine also lets you know when to fill the reservoir. You fill the fabric brush with your favorite spot remover (Spray 'n' Wash) and use it to apply the spot remover, then you brush it in. You can set the machine to sound an alarm when the load is complete, the alarm dings but not that long, it only dings once and then shuts off. It will also send a notification to your phone. I'll continue playing with the washer to see how I like it. The washer came with a couple of samples, Tide Pods and a package of Downy Un-Stopables Softener, they are small beads you put in the wash.
Whirlpool Washer

Left side of control panel

Right side of control panel

Softener sample

Tide Pod

Fabric Brush

The washer filling up
Tray for the detergent

Doing laundry

In the afternoon Larry installed a electrical outlet in the bathroom to make it easier for me to vacuum the bathroom.
New outlet
In the evening we streamed the last two episodes of the first season of Vienna Blood. We enjoyed watching this series. Then we watched a couple of episodes of Bramwell. After Larry went to bed I watched a few episodes of Bones. I did my daily challenges and The Event: The Hard Road of 18 games. I did 19,000 steps.       

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