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Monday, February 10, 2020

Sunday 2-9 Rainy Day

Overcast Day

We had a rainy misty day. We hung around the house. We watched YouTube videos, I worked on my annual book and jigsaw puzzle. I did my Daily Solitaire Challenges and the Event: Two Games Tango challenge. The Two Games Tango challenge was 10 games of Free Cell and 10 games of Pyramid. 

Yesterday, I mentioned we tried a new bacon. For lunch today we had more of it. The European Center Cut Bacon was delicious and had very little fat.

Bacon before being cooked

Bacon after cooking

In the evening we started watching a series on PBS called Vienna Blood. It is a detective series based in the early 1900's. There were three episodes to stream but we only watched two of them because the murder was solved at the end of the second episode. It's about a student of Sigmund Freud helping an inspector solve a series of murders in Vienna. Then we watched an Amazon movie called Honey Boy, it wasn't very good. Then we started watching another series called Travels By Narrowboat. It's a documentary about a gentleman, who bought a narrow-boat so he could travel down the canals of the UK. Then I watched Bones.

Relaxing in front of the television

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