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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tuesday 12-31 New Years Eve Dancing

Awesome Day!!!!

We had an awesome day of square dancing with friends to three outstanding callers, Joe Saltel, Bronc Wise and Darryl Lipscomb.

We started out by going to Tropic Star at 10:00 to dance A2 with Joe Saltel. We had five squares plus another three couples. Everyone had a chance to sit out one tip. When Joe has his morning dances he serve danishes. Joe's dance was the only one this morning so a lot of our C1 and C2 friends were at the dance. Joe called seven tips and a Hot Hash tip. Joe is a very nice guy. He keeps everyone laughing and having fun. We had a super morning dancing with friends and to Joe.

There was no square dancing in the afternoon so we spent the afternoon relaxing. Larry read and I worked on The Hard Road Solitaire Challenge, which had 16 games. I baked some Crispy Butterscotch Cookies to take with us to our New Year Eve Dance. 

The last couple of years Darryl Lipscomb and Bronc Wise have held a New Years Eve Dance. It starts at 5:00 and is over at 8:00. The format used was Advanced, C1, Advanced, C2 and Advanced. Every other tips was either a C1 and C2 tip. Everyone brought snacks to the dance. There was a room full of food. A group of C dancers invited us to join their table. Rae bought a lot of goodies, they were cake balls and peppermint candies. She had made three different types of cake balls, one was red velvet cake, one was mint chocolate and the other one was plain chocolate. The peppermint candy was very sweet, half of the candy had rum in it. Other people at the table brought other goodies. We had trail mix, mixed nuts, chocolate covered raisins, white chocolate and chocolate cover pretzels. All the snacks were delicious. I ate a little bit of the other foods. We snacked all night long in between dancing. The dance started with eight squares of dancers. The C1 tips had seven squares and the C2 tips had seven squares. At the very end of the dance they had a C3a tip and it had three squares. Darryl and Bronc kept the dance moving. We did a lot of dancing. We had an outstanding evening of dancing with friends and to Bronc and Darryl. 

From left to right Decah and Darryl Lipscomb and Bronc and Fia Wise

Coleta and Glenn saying hi before starting to dance a tip

Friends having a great time dancing C2

Rae and Mike laughing and having fun while dancing

Harriet and Randy having fun dancing A2 with friends

Marty, Kit and Char having a super time dancing C2 together

Friends having fun dancing to Bronc and Darryl

Larry having fun with friends

Char and Glenn having a great time dancing with friends

Coleta and Joe toasting a New Year
When we got home I finished doing my 17,000 steps. Larry read his e-mails. We had an outstanding New Year Eve dancing with friends.   

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