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Monday, January 6, 2020

Sunday 1-5 Fun Day in the Valley

Just having fun

We woke to another beautiful day with the temperature in the high 40s. Our heaters were running constantly. I slept in until 8:15. For breakfast I made pancakes. 

While we're in the Rio Grande Valley, Sundays are free days with no square dancing. We didn't have anything on the agenda, Larry suggest that we go for a walk because it was way too pretty outside to stay indoors. I put a cooler together and off to McAllen Nature Center we went. It's not a huge site and if you're not into cactus it may not be for you. The site is 33 acres and has 1.6 miles of walking trails. The center is sponsored by the City of McAllen and run by volunteers. They do a great job of keeping the area up. Larry checked in and paid the dollar admission price, he also got a map of the center. At the beginning of our walk there was a nice cactus garden where they had signs on each cactus to identify it. There was a bird watching section, we saw very colorful birds, they were yellow and green. They looked like some kind of parrot. I don't know much about birds but I like watching them. We also saw lots of Cardinals at the feeder. When we were close to the feeders the birds kept their distance but as soon as we backed away they came back to the feeders. As we walked we saw a pond with palm trees and a white crane. The trail curves in and out throughout the park. We walked around for 45 minutes and enjoyed the different types of cactus and other plants and watching colorful birds at the feeders.

Twisted Rib Cactus

Tom Thumb Cactus

One of the colorful birds we saw at the feeders

Another one getting ready to eat

One of the Cardinals that decided to stop for a bite to eat

The trail that went around the McAllen Nature Center

First stop at the entrance The Cactus Garden

On the way home we stopped at HEB and picked up a few things. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the Minnie. Larry read a book. I did some Sudoku games and did the Mini Spider Challenge, which had five games.

Yesterday, when we were walking through El Valley Del Sol craft show we bought a few new things. We bought six bowl holders for the microwave (2 Micky Mouse, 2 Farm Tractors and 2 John Deer Harvesters) and three scrubbers with handles to use in the shower. At lunchtime today I used one of the Mickey Mouse bowl holders to heat up left over chicken. The holder prevented my fingers from getting burned and it kept the chicken warm.

Farm Tractors bowl holder

John Deer Harvesters bowl holder

Micky Mouse bowl holders

The scrubbers

In the evening I went to the clubhouse for movie night with our J-Five friends. The movie we watched was Head Full of Honey, it starred Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon and Emily Mortimer. It was a 2018 movie about a grandfather who has Alzheimer's, he embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter. It was a good movie and has a good ending. After the movie I finished doing my 16,000 steps. While I went to the movies Larry stayed home and caught up on YouTube videos. He also read. We had a fun day.      

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