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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tuesday 1-7 Dancing and Entertainment


More dancers are arriving in The Valley, this morning Chester and Vickie, Art and Patricia and Jack and Mary Lee.

We started the day out by going to the Tropic Star in Pharr, where we danced A2 to Joe Saltel. We had five squares and an extra couple. Joe runs his dances using cards instead of a computer, either way ensures you dance with different people. We had a great time dancing and having fun. The first tip is always shaky because people are trying to wake up, including me. Joe really enjoys calling and spends a lot of time laughing. In between tips he goes around and visits with the dancers. He serves danishes for a breakfast snack. We had an outstanding morning of dancing and visiting.

We had an hour break for lunch. Our afternoon dance was directly across the street from Tropic Star at Pharr South. We went down the street to What A Burger and shared a Grilled Chicken Apple Cranberry Salad. We sat down with Mary Pat and Joe. We had a pleasant lunch visiting with them. 

After lunch we danced C1 at Pharr South with Darryl Lipscomb. We had exactly six squares. Darryl continued working on moves that you might not see a lot. Today we worked on Concentric Vertical Tags. I was glad that the more experienced dancers helped me. We had a great time at the dance.

This morning when we were dancing with our friends Art and Patricia from Florida, they mentioned they were going to Tropic Star in the evening to see Rusty Rierson. After dinner we decided to go to the show. Rusty is a native of South-central Kansas. He was raised on a family farm. He was very good. He sings Country and Rock 'n' Roll. He kept the audience entertained by telling stories and singing songs the audience could sing along with him. He also sang songs he wrote. They served popcorn and ice cream cones before and at intermission. Larry bought me an ice cream cone. It was a chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve cone. Before the performance and at intermission we visited with Art and Patricia. We had a very nice evening.

Rusty Rierson

When we got home I finished doing my 16,000 steps.   

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