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Friday, January 3, 2020

Thursday 1-2 Dancing and Card Bingo

Having fun with friends

Wow, what a busy day!!! It was over cast, which kept the temperature down.

We spent the day at Tips of Texas RV Park dancing with Randy Dougherty. The first dance was an A2 DBD Workshop. We had two squares and an extra couple. During the workshop Randy worked on Trade Circulate, Substitute and Interrupt, Quarter Through and Disconnected Swing Through. Randy put us in all different positions, which made it very challenging. The quarter through concept was very challenging because it always starts with the right hand. Sometimes we forgot because we think that it starts with the hand that you're holding with the person next to you, who is your partner. It is very challenging when the caller does substitute or interrupt in a call because you so use to doing the call one way. We had a super morning of dancing with Randy and our A dancing friends.

After an hour break for lunch at 1:00 we were back dancing with Randy. The afternoon dance was a C1 Workshop. This workshop was a lot more challenging because we're still new to C1. Randy worked on Twist the Line, Twist and Anything, Tally Ho, Galaxy Formations, Butterfly Formations and Percolate. Randy once again put us in positions we're not use to being in. Even the dancers that have been dancing C1 for years were having problems. We had four squares plus two couples sitting out. We had a great afternoon dancing with friends and Randy. 

At both dances people were laughing and having a great time.

On the way home we stopped by Walmart to do a little grocery shopping. When we're in the Valley we go through a lot more cash because when you go to the dances you pay in cash and when you do the entertainment you pay in cash. So while at Walmart we got more cash.

Grocery chopping

By the time we got home we were tired considering we danced two, two hour workshops. After resting a bit I made dinner, which was easy because we bought a chicken at Walmart.

In the evening I went over to the hall and played Card Bingo. Card Bingo is played different than Bingo. You play with a deck of cards, the cards are dealt to four people, the dealer has a deck of cards, the dealer draws a card, calls what it is and the first person who's 13 cards are called wins the game and calls Bingo. This week we had 16 people playing so the pay out was a little more. We played 12 games. The pay out was split into two sessions of six games, five of the games the payback was $2.20 and the sixth game the payback was $5.00. I won one of the $2.20 games. Every game had one winner except for the very last game there were two winners. In between the sessions we took a break where refreshments were served. The refreshments were Marty's baked brownies, M&M chocolate chip cookies and coffee. We all had a fun playing card bingo.

Playing card bingo

After playing Card Bingo I finished doing my steps. I ended up doing 14,000 steps. We had a super day.           

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