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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Monday 12-30 Day of Dancing

Having fun with square dancing friends

We woke up to a chilly morning, it was in the high 40s. We prefer it to be cool for sleeping so before going to bed I set the heaters to 64 degrees. Larry always gets up around 6:00 and he then sets the heaters to 70 degrees. When I woke up it was comfortable. I made biscuits for breakfast and that warmed the Minnie even more.

We spent the day square dancing with friends. The morning session was at 9:30 at the Peppermint Palace, it was a C1 Workshop with Bronc Wise. During the workshop Bronc went through a few concepts. They were; Blocks, Triple Waves, Triple Boxes and Tandem Concepts. When I dance any of these concepts it's hard to see the formations and to remember where the formation is located. Bronc is a very smooth caller and the dancing flows great. When he walks through the concepts he's just as smooth and he explains the concepts so you can understand them. The dancers were very helpful when I needed the help. We had six and a half squares of dancers. We had an outstanding morning of dancing to Bronc. It was great to see his wife Fia, she is always smiling and friendly. 

In the afternoon at 1:00 we were back on the floor dancing. The dance was an A2 Dance at Pharr South to Darryl Lipscomb. We had five squares and no one sat out, including his wife Decah. We danced with friends that we hadn't danced with in awhile and they were happy to see us. We had a great welcome back from everyone. Darryl did a super job calling and walked through moves that people struggled with. He also introduced Counter Rotates from other positions that are not usually called at the Advance level. We had a super time.

In the evening we hung around the Minnie. I walked around J-Five for forty-five minutes to get some more of my steps in. By the time I finished my walk I had gotten 15,500 steps. I increased my goal to 16,000 so I did 500 steps in place to get 16,000 steps. My actual daily goal is 12,300 steps. I want to get back to doing 17,000 steps.  

During the evening I did some Sudoku and my Daily Challenges. We had a wonderful day of dancing.

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