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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Friday 1-3 Dancing to Bronc and Randy

Hold on tight

The wind was blowing hard all day. It came out of the north. Whenever we opened the car door we had to be careful because the door would blow closed or be forced open. We had to make sure that one of us opened the door at a time.

We started the day out by going to Tropical Valley RV Park to dance C1 with Bronc Wise. We had six squares and no one sitting out. Periodically Bronc would stop and walk us through moves people were having troubles with. Mainly it was Blocks, Tandem and Siamese moves. One move that Bronc called that gave us  problems was doing the centers part of Load the Boat while in blocks or tandems. Bronc called a very challenging dance and it was a lot of fun. The more experienced dancers were very helpful when I needed it. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. We had an excellent morning of dancing with friends and Bronc.

Then we had an hour lunch break before our next dance. The afternoon dance was Randy Dougherty's Freaky Friday Dance, which was an A2 DBD Dance. The dance was at Mission First Methodist Church. We had three squares and two extra couples sitting out. Once again Randy called a very challenging dance. Towards the end of the dance I was getting tired and started making mistakes that I shouldn't have made. Randy put us in different positions that we weren't use to being in. We spent the afternoon laughing and having fun with friends and Randy.

By the time we got home we were tired. We once again danced two, two hour sessions back to back. The upper level dances are computer run, the computer tells you what square your in and when you dance. We ended up dancing all the tips in both dances. 

After dinner I walked around J-Five for 45 minutes to get some of my steps done. Today I ended up doing 15,500 steps. After walking around I took pictures of a park model home because it had a lot of Christmas decorations.

Christmas at J-Five
We had another busy day of dancing and having fun with friends. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! 

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