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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Friday 1-17-20 Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday

I started the day out by doing a Solitaire Event: TriPeaks Mini, which had five TriPeaks games. It took me 8 minutes and 24 seconds. This put me in 25th place in my group.

Our first dance of the day was at Tropical Valley Acres to dance C1 with Bronc Wise. We had nine squares and no one sitting out. Bronc went over Triangles, Blocks and Triple Waves and Boxes. Bronc's dance isn't that complex but he is very smooth and fun. We had a great morning of dancing with Bronc.

For lunch we went to the Taco Bell that is near the Methodist Church we dance at on Friday. We shared a Mexican Pizza and Triple Layer Nacho.

After lunch we were back dancing Randy Dougherty's Freaky Friday Dance. He calls this dance Freaky Friday because he put the dancers in weird position and it's on Friday. A few years ago he had Wacky Wednesday, it was the same dance but held on Wednesday's. Randy is a very creative caller and can put you in positions that you would never see elsewhere. We love dancing to him because he is very challenging. He is so hard that you have to think all the time. I personally think that by dancing with Randy, he makes you a better dancer. We had exactly five squares. We danced with our friends from Marble Falls and other A dancers. We had a super afternoon of dancing.

When I got home I went over to the laundry and washed a load of shirts. While the shirts were washing I went back to the Minnie and relaxed.

Doing a little laundry

We spent the evening in the Minnie reading. I finished doing 16,500 steps. We had a relaxing evening.

Relaxing with a book

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