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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Saturday 1-4 Pancake Breakfast

Gorgeous Day

It was a gorgeous day. There was no wind and we had beautiful blue skies. The temperature was in the 70s.

Every Saturday morning at El Valley Del Sol they serve a pancake and biscuit breakfast. The residents serve the breakfast in the Recreation Center called the Peppermint Palace. The breakfast is $4.00, you have a choice between pancakes or biscuit and gravy. The breakfast includes sausage patties or ham and apple sauce. On the first Saturday of every month the residents have a craft show. Thursday our friends Rod and Dee invited us to come over and visit. They start serving breakfast at 7:30 and finish up around 9:00. We had a pancake and a couple of sausage patties. During the breakfast they also have a jam session and dancing. Some people got up and danced.

One of the jam members singing during the breakfast

People dancing to the entertainment

More jam folks

We saw a few people we dance with, Harriet, Shirley, Rod and Dee. Harriet was serving the apple sauce, Rod was making biscuits, Shirley was standing in line and Dee was at her booth. Dee's booth was stained glass items.

Dee at her booth

After we ate we strolled thru the crafts. Last year we bought a half dozen bowl holders, you use them in the microwave to prevent you from burning your fingers. I use them all the time and we gave some away as gifts. I have worn mine out so we bought some replacements. Last year we also bought a couple of scrubbers, one for pots and pans and another one for the shower. Larry really liked the shower scrubber so we bought a few more. We walked around and looked at other items on display. One booth had shirts for sale. The shirts were in different sizes, colors and some had saying on them. We found one I liked so Larry bought it for me. We had a great time at the breakfast and talking to friends.

A new shirt for square dancing

After breakfast we stopped by Dunkin Donuts and bought donuts for our dessert after lunch and dinner.

Today we had an afternoon dance at Casa Del Sol RV Park in Donna. Randy Dougherty has two back to back dances. The first one is a C2 dance at 1:00 to 2:45. The second one is a C1 dance at 2:45 to 4:30. For the C2 dance they had four squares and a couple sitting out. For the C1 dance we had two squares plus three extra couples. Some of the C2 dancers stayed to dance with us, otherwise we would not have had two squares. It seemed like everyone was struggling during the dance. Randy was very patience and cued us through the calls. Everyone laughed all the time. We said good-bye to Randy's lady friend Luann, she's going back home to Mesa tomorrow. She was a very nice lady and helped Randy out a lot. We had an outstanding afternoon of dancing to Randy and with friends.

Randy Dougherty and Luann

Friends Passing Thru

Friends having a great time dancing to Randy

Friends waiting for the next call
The other day when Larry opened the bathroom door the handle broke. The handle was made out of plastic and after all these years I guess it became brittle. This afternoon when we were going to our Saturday C1 Dance we swung by an RV store and bought a new one
When we got home Larry replaced the handle. The new one fit perfect.

In the evening we relaxed in the Minnie. Larry read a book and I worked on my World Tour Solitaire Challenge of 30 games. I was doing very good until I got to the last two games. It took me three hours and forty-seven minutes to finish the challenge. Then I finished doing my steps. I ended up doing 16,000 steps, which was 3,000 steps over my goal. I'm trying to get the steps back up to 17,000 steps. We had a fantastic day.          

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  1. It sounds like a fun day! I love to square dance, too. Thanks for sharing!


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