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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Monday 1-6 Dancing and Entertainment

Fun time with friends

Today was sunny and beautiful, it was windy but it got to near 80 degrees. 

We started the day out by going to Peppermint Palace at 9:30 for a C1 Workshop with Bronc Wise. We had five and a half squares. Bronc worked on Tally Ho, Blocks and finish/replace moves. Every week more people are showing up to dance. We had a super morning dancing C1 with friends and to Bronc.

We went back to the Minnie for lunch. We were at Pharr South to dance A2 an hour and a half later. The afternoon dance was an A2 Dance. We had five squares and an extra couple. We danced every tip. The dance was called by Darryl Lipscomb. Darryl worked on the finish call. When the caller calls finish the call it means you leave off the first part of the call. Darryl did a super job explaining the concept of finish. We had a great afternoon of dancing A2 with friends and to Darryl.

By the time we got home I was tired.

In the evening I went to the J-Five entertainment, which was Helen Russell & Company. Helen Russell & Company is a wife and husband team, who sing Country/Rock 'n' Roll/Gospel. They have audience participation and have special guests appearances. The special guest appearances are Helen putting on a wig and singing a song from a famous performer. The special guests are both men and women. We saw Helen Russell & Company last year and this year they changed up their act a little bit by changing up the songs they sang. One act Elvis, Helen's husband dressed up like a Senorita and Helen sang Come A Little Bit Closer. Another act Helen sang a song and a gentleman from the audience would hold up a sign. One act Marty and Linda from J-Five got up and played the chickens as Elvis conducted them. It was a very entertaining evening.

Helen Russell and Elvis

Audience participation with sign

Helen as Dolly Parton singing Nine to Five

Helen as Cher

Elvis directing Linda and Marty playing the chickens

Helen and Elvis performing Come A Little Bit Closer

Helen as Minnie Pearl

While I went to the entertainment Larry read. When I got home I finished The Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango. It had 20 games, 10 Klondike and 10 Spider. I got stuck on number 5, which was a medium Klondike. It took me over 2 hours to get three sixes played. I still came in 30th in my group of 100 people. Then I finished my 16,000 steps. Now, I'm really tired.    

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