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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Wednesday 1-8 Day of Dancing

Laughing with friends

We started the day out by going to the Wednesday get together at J-Five. They had a special speaker from Viva Tours, he talked about the different tours his company has to offer for the Winter Texans. The tours are to different cities in Mexico. He said instead of taking a bus to a couple of the cities they're now going to fly because it was a cheaper and you get there quicker. He give us a lot of information. We had a great time visiting with our J-Five friends and finding out what's happening.

Afterwards we went to a morning dance at Pharr South, it was an A2 Dance with Darryl Lipscomb. We had six squares and everyone had to dance every tip. We had a fantastic morning of dancing.

We had an hour break for lunch. We went back to What A Burger because it's very convenient. While we were eating a couple (Len and Nina) from Canada that we dance with joined us. We had a very nice lunch getting to know Len and Nina.

We were back on the floor at !:00. This time the dance was a C1 Dance at the Tropic Star with Joe Saltel. We had ten couples. Joe put us in some positions we're not use to being in. He is always complimenting the floor on their dancing. He takes his time calling and waits for everyone to catch up. When we're struggling he cues us through the move. This is very helpful because sometimes you just don't hear a call or can't see the move. We spent the afternoon laughing and having a great time dancing to Joe. 

Square dancing with friends
In the evening we hung around the house. Larry read. I worked on my Solitaire Challenge, which was Easy Street with 30 games. I walked five laps around the park. I added an extra 500 steps so I ended up doing 16,500 steps. We had a relaxing evening.

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