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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Wednesday 1-1 Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone had a great day.

We celebrated the new year by dancing. Last night we had a great New Years Eve Dance with Darryl Lipscomb and Bronc Wise. This morning we celebrated the new year at Tropic Star dancing plus to Joe Saltel. We had nine squares plus an extra couple. It was a great way of celebrating the new year. We don't dance too many plus dances so we met a lot of new people. We also saw dancers we don't dance with unless it's plus. We still have a great time dancing plus. Joe is a great caller and very easy going. He did a line dance, to the song New York New York. Nine ladies get up to dance and Joe joined in. Joe had some pastries for a breakfast snack. The last tip was a Hot Hash, where Joe calls a pattern and speeds the music up everytime the pattern is completed. There were three squares doing the Hot Hash. We danced every tip. I danced the line dance. We had a super morning of dancing.

Joe Saltel

Joe and I having a fun time line dancing together

Some of the dancers relaxing in between tips

More dancers having a great time

Dancers doing the Hot Hash tip

Dancers waiting for Joe to call the next move

It rained all day. Once we were back at the Minnie we just stayed inside and relaxed. Larry was curious on how many dances we had attended last year. I track all our activities during the year so I can write my annual book so I made a spreadsheet using that information. We found out that during 2019 we danced 218 dances, this includes our Fall Trip and weekend events. Fifty-six of the dances were with the Sundancers on Mondays and Thursdays. Other local dances we attended were six Killeen Kickers dances and three Uncommon Squares dances. We still do a lot of dancing and still having fun doing so.

A rainy day in the Valley
I did some Sudoku puzzles, completed the Easy Street Mini Solitaire challenge and daily challenges. While I was doing this Larry read. We had a great New Year.

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