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Friday, January 17, 2020

Thursday 1-16 C1 Dancing and Card Bingo

Hi, have a great day

After sleeping for 10 hours I crawled out of bed and made mini waffles for our breakfast. Then I started working on my Solitaire Event: Two Game Tango, which had 20 games (10 Klondike and 10 Pyramid). Today's event went a lot better, it took me 1 hour 26 minutes and 44 seconds. When I finished I was ranked 27th. In the morning I'll find out exactly where I ended up.

Yesterday one of our friends from Canada, Karen, asked if I would like a red, white and blue hat that flashes, I said sure. So in the afternoon she brought it to me while I was dancing with Joe, she was attending the round dance after our dance. The hat is super. It has three different settings, one where the lights flash fast, another one when it doesn't flash at all and another one where one light comes on at a time. She is in the process of cleaning out the house she has in the Valley because she and her husband are not coming back next year.

New hat
We spent the day dancing C1 with two great callers. The first dance was at 10:00 to Ross Howell. It was an actual dance. He added this dance to his schedule so the C1 dancers could dance to him. We had 10 couples, which was two and a half squares. This gave two couples an opportunity to rest at least one tip. We have danced with Ross many times but this was our first dance with him in The Valley. Ross walked us through a few moves we were having problems with. We had a super morning of dancing with friends and Ross Howell.

Ross Howell calling his C1 dance
Dancers waiting for the next call

Friends enjoying dancing to Ross

Friends having fun during the dance

We only had an hour until the next dance and it was across The Valley at Tip of Texas. We stopped by Burger King and had a couple of tacos.

The afternoon dance was a C1 Workshop to Randy Doughtery. We had 21 couples, which made five squares plus an extra couple. Randy cued us through a couple of calls we were having problems with. We were out one tip. We had more people at Randy's Workshop because some of the dancers were C2 dancers. In the morning they were dancing C2. We had a super time dancing to Randy and with friends.

In the evening I went over to the hall and played card bingo. We had 24 people playing card bingo. We played 12 games with the paybacks at 10 games $3.60 and the 6th and 12th had $6.00. I won the 6th game, I paid $2 to play so I came home $4.00 ahead. The first game had three winners so each got $1.20 but the rest only had one winner. I had a great time playing.

After card bingo I went home and finished my steps, which was 16,500 steps.    

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