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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Friday 1-10 Fabulous Friday

Doing the happy dance

The wind was out of the south and blew very strong all day long. When the wind would gust the Minnie was rocking and rolling, it felt like the wind was going to pick the Minnie up. The temperature got into the low 80s.

Hold on tight

We spent the morning dancing C1 with Bronc Wise at Tropical Valley RV Park. We had exactly six squares. Bronc stopped the dance once in awhile to walk us through moves people were having problems with. We danced a lot of Block Formations, Triple Boxes, Triple Waves and Tally Ho. We had a super morning.

We had an hour break for lunch so we went to Taco Bell on the way to our afternoon dance.

Our afternoon dance was called Freaky Friday, because Randy Dougherty puts the squares in freaky positions. The dance is very challenging. Today Randy went over Quarter Tag, which is a quick easy move but it's not called too often so we broke down. Randy also cued the floor through moves that aren't called at the Advanced level. We had a great afternoon.

In the evening we hung around the Minnie and read. I did my steps, which were 16,500. I did my daily Challenge and The World Tour Challenge, which had 30 games. We had a fabulous Friday.

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