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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Saturday 1-11 Dancing and Entertainment

Happy Saturday

The wind was down and it switched directions out of the north. The temperature was very comfortable and the humidity was down.

We started the day out by going to the J-Five Saturday get together. It was a full house. We sat at a table that was mainly men. I asked if I could join the men's table and the men said of course. A little while later another couple joined the table. When they do announcements they use two different microphones, a wired one and a wireless. When Marty was going over what was happening in the park she was using the wireless and it kept cutting out. When she was finished one of the lady's told her she had to put the microphone close to her mouth and keep talking or it goes to sleep. She did exactly what she was told and it still did it. Marty is such a great sport everyone laughed including herself. It was a fun time at the get together with J-Five friends.

J-Five RV Park

Then we went back to the Minnie and read until it was time to go square dancing. 

Reading is fun

Our Saturday dance was at Casa Del Sol RV Park in Donna with Randy Dougherty calling. We had three squares plus an extra lady (Jean). The dance was a C1 dance and it's run by cards so whenever Jean danced the man sitting out danced with her. This works out excellent. Randy put us in positions that were weird and the floor had problems. Then he walked us through the move. Everyone was laughing and had a super afternoon dancing to Randy. We had a great time dancing with friends.

Get your partner and dance

In the evening we went to Mission West RV Park to see the Baker Family. The Baker Family sings Bluegrass, Gospel and Classic Country. The group is a mother and three siblings. The mother (Carrier) plays the upright bass and guitar. Trustin, who is 20 plays the banjo and fiddle. Carina, who is 18 plays mandolin and fiddle. Elijah, who is 16 plays the guitar and upright bass. The siblings also all sing. The Baker Family did an outstanding job of entertaining. The hall at Mission West was very nice. We had a great time.

The Baker Family

Elijah playing the upright bass while Carrier plays the guitar

Trustin playing the violin while Carina plays the mandolin

Carina singing and playing the mandolin

Trustin playing the banjo

When we got home I only had about 3,000 steps so I had to get going, I walked around J-Five for a half hour, then I stepped in place. I ended up only doing 11,000 steps, I missed my goal by 3,000 steps. Tomorrow I'll try harder to get my goal. Then I read before calling it a night. We had a great day.     

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