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Thursday, April 7, 2016

4-6 Top Dressing the Yard

Top Dressing the Yard
Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about how rough our yard was and that Heart of Texas Landscaping wanted $2000 to fix it. We had decided to do it ourselves by renting a tractor and having a load of dirt delivered, thought it might even be kind of fun to run a tractor. Well last week Brian from Heart of Texas Landscape called and wanted to know if we wanted to schedule the work, Larry told him that the estimate was too much money, Brian said he would recalculate. Larry sent him an e-mail on how much grass we had. Brian came back with a new price of $1250.00 so we decided to let them do the job. This morning a crew from Heart of Texas Landscape arrived at ten to do the job of top dressing our yard, they were here the entire day. If you don't know what top dressing is I will try to explain it. Top dressing is where they cover the entire lawn with about an inch of fill and then spread it into low areas. The first thing the three men crew did was spread a sand and compost mixture with a spreader on the yard. Then they raked the entire yard to spread the mixture into the low areas. From walking on it the yard appears to be much better and hopefully as the grass thickens back up it will get even better. I think they did a really good job and we simply had to relax while they did all the work.

Spreading the sand compost mixture
The crew loading the spreader
Raking the front yard
Raking the backyard
Working in the backyard

In the evening we went to Shirts 'n' Skirts weekly dance. We had six squares and in between the square dancing tips Martha did line dancing. We arrived early enough for the workshop. One of the new square dancers needed a partner so Larry volunteered. Jim Hayes was fifteen minutes into the workshop when there was enough people to form another square so I joined that square. We had a super time dancing with the Shirt 'n' Skirt Club.

Larry dancing with Terry
Sherri and Steven enjoying themselves during the dance

Jim Hayes explaining a move during the workshop
Line dancing with friends
Larry having fun during the workshop


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  1. You did an awesome decision on making the professionals do the work while also considering the price that you needed to pay. And the best part of it was you were able to have spent your day relaxing while they do the work. Ha ha. And yes, also, the line and square dancing seemed a lot of fun!
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