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Thursday, April 28, 2016

4-27 What an Awesome Day!!!

Sun Shiny Day
I went to bed at 12:30 am and I heard the rain storm come in, by the time we got up you couldn't tell it had rained. The sun came out and it turned into an awesome day. In the morning Larry installed the new back up camera in the truck. Before installing the camera Larry watched a YouTube video on it. He had ordered a camera and a cable to string from the license plate to the dash. He started out by installing the camera on the license plate, which was the easy part, then he had to crawl under the truck and wire the camera into the backup lights and after that install the cable. He threaded the cable underneath the truck and put cable ties to keep it in place. When he got to the driver seat he had to do the most difficult part, he had to feed the cable through a grommet that holds the emergency brake cable in place. The grommet was very tight, he had to pull it back in order to feed the cable up from the bottom of the truck through the hole. I helped him a little at this point. Once we got this done he had to feed it up to the dash. The way the camera sits on the dash he had to build a little bracket to lean it forward a little. He had plenty of cable so he can experiment on where on the dash he wants it. He tested the camera out a few times during the installation just to make sure it works before completing the project. After it was installed he played with it by backing up to the boat trailer. The screen is small so it is difficult to see the hitch ball and trailer lining up. He's thinking that he may have to build a little guide to help him. He worked on this all morning and part of the afternoon, it took him over four hours. While Larry was doing this project Flo and I kept him company and helped when he needed it. The weather was super so we didn't mind keeping him company. The birds were singing, the neighbor kids were playing and we even saw a fox run across the street.

Camera installed on license plate
Combining the cable to the camera cable
How the camera worked after being installed
The camera monitor out of the box
After the project was finished Larry and I read a little, I also did some housework and worked out for 15 minutes on my Wii Fit. In the evening we watched the last movie we checked out of the library. The Imitation Game starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. It was a biography thriller drama about a mathematician and war hero Alan Turing. It was a good movie.     

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