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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4-4 Magnificent Monday

We had a magnificent day. In the morning we went town to do a couple of errands. After lunch Flo pestered me about going for a walk. We walked down the drive to start our walk but Flo wanted to go towards the boat ramp, whenever we walk there she gets so exhausted she can barely make it home and she will limp for a couple of days. I told her we had to take the car if she wanted to go swimming. I went inside to get the keys and Larry said if I waited a few minutes he would go with us. Flo can no longer get in the car without a bit of help but I had trouble loading her up so Larry put her in the car. Larry drove us to Temple Lake Park. We have a yearly pass so it didn't cost us anything to get in. We were at the lake for about an hour. Flo walked the banks of Lake Belton. When she wasn't exploring she swam. We had a nice time at the park.

Flo enjoying her swim in Lake Belton
In evening we went to the Sundancers weekly dance with Brad Caldwell in Sun City, Texas. There were seven squares and a few round dancers. The Sundancers started their first plus class this afternoon. As we were walking in the ballroom they needed a man to help out the plus class so Larry volunteered. Then after the class there was a half hour mainstream workshop. One of the new dancers didn't have a partner so I let her dance with Larry. The beginning of every dance with the Sundancers there is a Grand March. Today they had the men line up on one side of the room and the ladies lined up on the other side of the room. So I ended up dancing with Gary, who is a new dancer and Larry ended up dancing with his wife. After the first tip was over Larry and I danced together the rest of the dance. We had a super evening of dancing with the Sundancers and to Brad's calling. 

Larry helping out the plus class
Our friends Skip and Jan square dancing to Brad
Larry practicing Scoot Back during the workshop
Jody and Steven round dancing between square dancing tips
Vicki and Steve finishing up a round dance
Skip and Suzi enjoying themselves during a tip
Brad Caldwell
Square dancing an Advance tip after the regular dance


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