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Saturday, April 2, 2016

4-1 Just Another Rainy Day

The rain is back
We woke up to a grey drizzly day and it stayed that way all day. We didn't have anything pressing to do in town so we spent the day at home. I read and worked on my puzzle. Remember the new washer and dryer, well the dryer's door swung from the left and I wanted it to swing from the right. Larry volunteered to change the direction of the door. The owner's manual said to call a technician but Larry is a do-it-yourself kind of guy so he opted to do this himself. He got the owner's manual and followed the directions and the door now opens from the right. Didn't take very long and I like it better.

Removing the screws to change the hinges to the other side of the dryer
Removing screws in order to remove the door
Had to split the door in half
Now the door opens from the right
In the evening we went to the Killeen Kickers. This was the last dance that Betsy will be calling for the Killeen Kickers, she is getting married and moving to Georgia next month. She did a good job of calling and there were five squares on the floor. Christina did a good job of cuing rounds and lines in between the square dancing tips. We had fun but no pictures, I forgot my camera.  

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