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Monday, April 18, 2016

4-17 Sunday Another Rainy Day

Another rainy day
Today's forecast was for rain and possible severe storms. We woke up to rain and the rain stayed in all day so we hung around the house. The other day I had taken the last of the brisket out of the freezer to thaw thinking today would be perfect for smoking it. I woke up the same time as Larry to get the brisket ready. Flo was a little confused considering I usually don't get out of bed for an hour or two after Larry does. Once she realized Larry had fed her she ate her breakfast. Larry put the pellets in the holder while I trimmed the fat off the brisket. When I finished Larry salt and peppered it. While he was doing this he decided to cut a small piece off to the brisket to make the thickness more consistent. While he was finishing up preparing the brisket I made Belgium waffles for our breakfast.  After breakfast I went back to bed for a couple hours.

Smoking Brisket
A woodpecker enjoying the weather
When I woke up Larry had started smoking the brisket. While the brisket was smoking Larry and I read. The brisket smoked for eight hours and it was perfect. We think this was the best tasting smoke brisket we have done so far. Everytime we smoke the brisket the better it comes out.

Watching our weekly shows
In the evening we watched our weekly shows on PBS: Call the Midwife and Grantchester. We had a very relaxing day. 

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