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Friday, April 15, 2016

4-14 On the Road Again, Really Short Road

Ready to be towed
Yesterday, when I was recording my calories in My Fitness Pal I wasn't sure how many calories were in a piece of freshly baked bread. I got the bag out of the freezer with the last loaf of bread to figure it out. After figuring it out I forgot to put the bag back into the freezer and we went square dancing. When we got back the bread had thawed and was starting to rise in the bag. So I put the loaf in a pan and covered it with plastic wrap. Then I put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold over night. This morning when we were going to town to pick up a few things I took the loaf out of the refrigerator so it could finished rising. When we got home the bread was almost ready to be baked. I wasn't sure how well it was going to come out considering the loaf looked a little funky but it came out perfect.

Today's loaf of bread
Adding grease to the dolly
The Minnie and the dolly

Larry putting the safety chains on the car
Larry wanted to practice towing the car behind the Minnie. This weekend we are suppose to get heavy rain and possibly severe weather so Larry wanted to take the Minnie back to storage. This made today the perfect time to practice towing the car. After lunch Larry pushed the car dolly out of the garage. Once it was out of the garage he jacked it up and greased the steering linkages. When he finished he pushed the dolly out of the way and backed the car into the garage. Then he put the dolly in front of the car. Next he backed the Minnie in front of the dolly. We connected the dolly to the Minnie, then Larry loaded the car on the dolly, good thing we have a big driveway. You might remember a couple of weeks back Larry installed wiring in the car so that the tail lights would work when it is being towed. Once the car was loaded we tested the lights, everything worked. We towed the car over to the storage place, unloaded it from the dolly, pushed the dolly into the back of the storage unit and then backed the Minnie in. The Minnie towed the car great.

Square dancing to Ed's calling
Ed Larder

Larry visiting with Eileen and Jerry during the dance
Lonnie, Butch, Bob and Micky enjoying the dance
 In the evening we square danced with Coryell County Squares to Ed Larder's calling. There were only two squares of dancers and in between the tips Ed played records. We had a nice evening socializing with friends.

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