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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4-18 Monday, Still Raining

Trying to keep dry
It's been raining on and off all day. In the morning when it stopped we went to town to do a little grocery shopping. We were getting low on a few items. Before going to HEB we stopped by Shirley's favorite hardware store, ACE. We are going to plumb the laundry room to get water to our new dryer so I can continue to use the steam functions on our new dryer and Larry needed a few more items. After stopping at ACE we went to HEB. It was starting to sprinkle but we still went shopping. It was very busy. Larry mentioned this to the cashier and she said it was also busy all day yesterday, she thought the rain brought everyone in. After finishing up our shopping we went home. Once at home I put the groceries away and then made lunch.

After lunch we started our home improvement project. Larry had figured out how he is going to plumb from the washer to the dryer. He cut the PEX pipe to the length he needed and put connections on the pipe. Then he figured out how he was going to hang the plumbing. He knew when he started this project he would need more parts to finish it, so it wasn't a surprise to find out after assembling the pipe and connectors we needed a couple more parts. We loaded up into the car and headed to town then we decided to turn back. The rain appeared to be going away and we really wanted to go dancing with the Sundancers tonight. When we got home we checked the weather forecast and it didn't look like there were going to be heavy thunderstorms this evening so we decided we would go to Sun City and dance.

Ann and David square dancing to Brad's calling
DeAnn enjoying herself in a square
Ruth Ann having fun while dancing to Brad
Bruce doing the Right and Left Grand with Angie

Our friends promenading home
  We had a great evening dancing with the Sundancers. Even with all the rain we had today the Sundancers still had seven squares. They even had enough people for an Advance tip. We were glad we decided to go to Sun City to dance.

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