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Saturday, April 30, 2016

4-29 Killeen Kickers Graduation Dance

Killeen Kickers Graduation Dance
It was a very muggy day. Larry got up in the morning and checked out the damage the hail did to the car last night. He found lots of very small dents, most of them are on the top of the car but a few are on the hood, our car is white so they are hard to see. He's not sure if he wants to get them fixed or just leave them alone. When I got up we had breakfast and then we went to town. Today was the last day to see the art exhibit at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Next week they were going to have a different art exhibit put on by the students. Before going to the art event we stopped by the UPS Store to pick up a package that was there. The package was the master cylinder for the boat trailer. The art exhibits were in the Baugh Center for the Visual Arts, it is a very nice building. The exhibits were displayed in the gallery and on the walls in the hall. It didn't take long for us to walk through the gallery. The last stop was HEB to pick up a couple of things. Then we went home. 

Baugh Center for the Visual Arts building
Clothing designed by students
One of the exhibits, where there's a photo and words are blended into it
 We spent the afternoon at home. Larry wrote a couple of reviews for the Home Depot Seeds program and both of us read for a bit while Flo slept. In the evening we went to The Lions Club Park Senior Center to help the Killeen Kickers celebrate their 2016 Square Dancing Class graduation. There were 10 squares and a lot of food. Betsy was the MC and Brad Caldwell was the special caller for the occasion. Their new caller Dan Clairmont called with Brad a couple of tips. Betsy also teamed up with Brad. All three of them called together the last tip. We had a fabulous time. 

Betsy's dangles
The outfits we wore to the dance

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